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a wonderful day. >>hat's what's making news. have a great friday and wonderful weekend. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington on your side. >> straight ahead from bad to worse. a few thought george thursday was hot, just wait. it is thursday. >> thank you for being here with us. we want to begin with the traffic and weather. let's go to talk about this sheet. we are in the middle of the heat wave. >> we are. 99 degrees at reagan national. we still have that excessive heat warning in effect. that is tomorrow. it will feel a lot like
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yesterday. 86 degrees currently at reagan national. 86 degrees at 4:30 a.m. our average height is 89 degrees. 79 degrees at dulles. today is a little above 100 degrees. it will feel closer to 118 this afternoon. a slight chance of an isolated or straight thunderstorms later this evening. the same story in the weekend. storms cannot be ruled out in the afternoon. it'll feel like 113 tomorrow 0. only mid-90's on sunday. >> that is all you got? i could use a little more heat. good news. if you are traveling on georgia avenue southbound has been reopened between orcola. they did their work. it is all good. in virginia, things look good. we still have the construction
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at gleed road. 95 southbound, major road construction there. ziplocs the three left cleaned until 5:00 this morning. the delhi still has the construction going on. pamela and scott, back to you. much of the u.s. will take under oppressive heat. much of the nation is under the advisory. to the heat is played for 22 deaths. there are wide spread power outages. it spreads to 13 states. they hit record levels yesterday. people in our area are struggling to cope with the heat humidity, and poor air quality. >> people were not enjoying the heat. abc 7 reporter talked with a woman whose car had been in the sun all day.
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>> inside your car 116 degrees. >> 0 whilethat is hot. >> it feels very hot. this is the first time i've been a slide into days. >> if your net used to the weathe -- if you are not used to the weather, it is hot. we ask you for your seat related pictures. here are a few of the dozens that we got. it is cooling off. there was the photo of a man selling bottled water appeared to see more or estimate your own, you can log onto >> authorities are investigating a police involved shooting. they went to the 1800 blogger around 10:00 last night. they shot a man with a shotgun who ran. he then pulled out a handgun and
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turned to were the officers. they opened fire. he is now stable. the nfl lockdown may be on the brink of ending. they voted to approve a new contract. it gave the players until tuesday to recertified and ratified the agreement. players will not go until they have time to review it. >> we all have an obligation to get a decision done. we are down to different time frames. >> the nfl canceled next month's all the same game because of the uncertainty. if they ratified today, they could return as soon as tomorrow. the dead showdown will likely take center stage when the president obama holds a town hall meeting later this morning. it'll take place at the
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coliseum. drivers should expect significant delays in that area. the town hall, as the white house and republicans ran up negotiations on a negotiation plan. it could include a 2 $3 trillion in spending cuts and a commitment to increase revenue. the president wants a big deal that includes spending cuts, reforms, and tax code changes. changes of that happening are slim. >> federal employees could be out of work tonight. they could lose the operating authority and unless congress reauthorize is a by midnight. if that does not happen, 4000 airline workers will be furloughed. air traffic controllers would not be affected by that. the justice department as to mounting pressure on the news corps. >> apple may be eyeing who do --
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hulu. >> good friday. >> the same to you. apple is considering making a bid hu for the hulu service. it could pose a challenge to donenetflix. there is a preliminary investigation into news corp related to the allegedhacking of 9/11 victims. the scandal could caught the eye of the scandal tour. followers can see the government relations office of rupert murdoch. there is also the congressional gym where anthony wiener worked out. the tour also includes the watergate complex. they will add the new stopped
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saturday after labor day weekend. the borders will kick of going out of business sales same. thank you. we will check in with you shortly. it is 4:37. >> a history lesson in the middle and hea at wave. the anniversary of the battle of manassas. >> triple digit temperatu
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>> it is friday morning. we have your hot and steamy forecast again. it'll be a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. to put this in perspective our average afternoon high is 89 degrees. usually we are around 9012 hours from now. currently, it is 86 degrees in the district. 75 degrees in culpeper. when you factor in the humidity, look at the heat index. if yardy feels like it is 88 degrees in quantico -- it already feels like it is 80 degrees in quantico. it will feel like 118 degrees later this afternoon.
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mostly clear skies. a few scattered clouds. a small chance of an isolated thunderstorm. the air quality is code red for today. the chance of afternoon storms, partly cloudy. we do cool back down to near-90 by monday and tuesday. how is our traffic? >> things are looking really good. a quiet ride to our friday commute. look at the senate sailing. nothing but a little bit of construction. we have 95 degrees south bound around the loop, they are picking it up. no problems. we are clear and the parkway east on 50. everything looks great this morning. no problems on 270 southbound. even 95 coming up on the northbound on the river bridge a smooth sailing. i loved it.
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>> we love to hear that. >> it is four, 41. 82 degrees out. >> coming up, breaking the heat in the middle of a battlefield. >> you have to go inside. house and
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>> s site from all the danger the heat poses he'd alters our everyday life. -- aside from all the danger the heat poses, heat alters our everyday life. >> empty tables in vacant chairs. sidewalk cafes do not see any action. >> it is too hot. >> diner wanted inside. >> and we are happy to come in and stay. drink. it works out well. >> one of the hottest ticket is for the season endure at home. they are on track for a record- breaking winning season. even here some seats are vacant. >> it is too hot. >> another business feeling it is a coffee shops. they are not getting many
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takers. the ice variety is a hot. >> they can have an ice coffee or iced cappuccino. >> that sounds really good. >> local emergency rooms is a different kind of patient on days like these. people are suffering from the heat. >> there are people passing out and the heat. they have cramps. it is bad. >> hospitals expect to be busy for the next few days at least until this heat wave comes to an end. abc 7 news. >> it is not just the air that is hot. this at the monitor shows how hot temperatures are on the surface. this tabletop -- the top of a child's head registered at one and nine. a school was 127 degrees. the hot is read of the day was a
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slide at a playground. it registered 154 degrees. for more heat related stories are to check on the forecast, logon to our website martin o'malley will make another push for a bill legalizing gay marriage. he has been looking at the law in new york that includes protection for religious groups. the state senate passed a marriage bill this year. the pentagon's chief leon panetta will certified the and do not ask and not tell today. president obama is expected to endorse it later. a repeal would go into effect after 60 days. that would open military to gays by the end of september. a historic celebration is going on in manassas. in the sheet is a challenge. >> it is the 150th anniversary
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of the battle of manassas. it picked up yesterday. a re-enactment will take place. organizers are prepared to deal with this. >> there are several large tankers of water. there are cooling tanks on site. we have to medical tents. yet ems teams that are staffed. >> it is too hot. >> another challenge is keeping the horses cool. 350 will be part of the re- enactment. the event is expected to draw 150,000 people this weekend. that'll draw a lot of traffic. expect that in the area. rider can expect 30 minute delays on the red and orange lines this week because of track work. if it goes between the east
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falls church and west falls church station. >> it to be easy for you to add money to your metro card. customers or will be able to add money online instead of waiting in line as stations. the transit agency says they will unveil a new online site later this summer. 82 degrees outside on this friday morning. >> the high-tech way to deliver a pizza and beat the traffic.
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>> it is a time for a check on whether. >-- weather. >> my car said 86 degrees this morning. it was only 3:00. >> it is 86 degrees downtown. when you wake up and the card thermometer is 80 degrees or above, you know we have a chance to reach 100 degrees. this is why we have the excesses heat warning. today it looks to be the peak of our little heat wave. 86 degrees in the district. when you factor in a humidity, it feels like it is in the 90's.
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it will feel like it is 118 degrees this afternoon. the air temperature is about 102 degrees. we cannot rule out an isolated thunderstorm west of the blue ridge later on this afternoon. tomorrow it is back near 100 degrees. and the debate cooler outside sunday. it'll only be in the mid-90's on monday and tuesday. that will feel like a relief. it is a relief if you are driving today. our committee is wonderful. smiles all over the place. -- our commitment is wonderful. small sell over the place. some assailing. they are starting to pick up construction. if you look on georgia avenue, a good news. it has reopened a southbound.
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smooth sailing. i cannot say that about a heat. back over to you. >> thank you. talk about a new lease on life. veterinarians saved a 12 year old tortoise and by replacing his injured leg with a wheel. they say he is adjusting very well. do you think the wheel would be tough in the grass? >> that was probably not the best place to showcase the wheel. >> it is still good to see. >> some residents might get a two-wheeled surprise when they open their doors to a peak demand. >> that take in deliveries to a nother level, using a segway to avoid parking.
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>> it can take a while to find this space. that is not the only reason residents order pizza for dinner. >> it is kind of lazy. they have to deliver. >> the pizza delivery man showed up. >> that is special. we will enjoy the pizza. >> it did asegwy. -- it is a segway. >> that is amazing. >> that was his answer to the parking nightmare. >> this 1.5 mile corridor along wilson boulevard is so densely apostle and did -- in some populated with high-rises. >> they debuted their new segway outfit it with its own cargo iraq. -- cargo rack. >> i hope you enjoy it.
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if there is anything wrong, call me and i will bring you another one. >> it allows drivers to make deliveries faster residents searching for parking. >> i can take it into a building and to the customer's door. i can be in a mile radius within five minutes. >> his own research says that he only noted two other restaurants around the country use them for deliveries. he plans to add more in clarendon. that makes a lot of sense. >> he has to laugh as he goes by lines of cars. >> zero right. -- right. >> a lot more still ahead in our next hour. >> the royal wedding on display. were you can go for a glimpse
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coming up, another day of dangerous triple digits and relief is still days away. >> one step forward and one step back. the big break in the nfl lockout and first sign of a shorter season. >> time is running out. president obama is now taking his message to the paper's staff and college park. "good morning washington at 5:00 a.m." begins now. >>

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